IQF frozen apple cubes – better than market’s apples?

When it comes to frozen food, many people get skeptical. It is not strange – frozen vegetables and fruits don’t look good after defrosting. The quality of it is also not so sure – you never know if it is nutritious any longer. So what we should think about IQF frozen apple cubes? What are they actually?

IQF frozen apple cubes are nothing else but apples cut into small pieces, frozen with use of an innovative method.

What is IQF? It is a shortcut and it means Individually Quick Frozen. Why is it better than the traditional way of freezing food?

First of all, it is much faster. The product is ready after not so long time of freezing.

Second of all, all pieces are frozen separately. You are not receiving a solid block of product which actually may contain more frozen water than a literal product you are buying. Instead, you are offered carefully selected pieces, frozen separately which helps with keeping the good look of food while defrosting. You are also able t measure and use as much product as you want without defrosting a whole package.

Third of all, IQF frozen apple cubes are much more nutritious and valuable than regularly frozen apples. Why so? IQF method allows ice to create small ice crystals that are not damaging fiber tissues and cells of food that is frozen. What is really shocking, when the method was invented, scientists tried freezing a living fish and it was able to stay alive after defrosting. Cells and tissues were not destroyed!

That is why you are highly recommended to use IQF products, and especially that the winter is coming and we will be offered only imported fruits in supermarkets.

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