IQF frozen apple cubes – innovative method

Have you heard about IQF frozen apple cubes? It is an innovative method that will change your cooking and baking habits.

What actually IQF is? IQF is a shortcut for Individually Quick Frozen. That’s very accurate name for this method. Why? Fruits are frozen separately – if they are small. When it comes to bigger fruits, for example apples, they are cut into small pieces in a shape that you need.

Also, if you consider the name, you can see that fruits are frozen quickly. You can always be sure that fruit contains all nutritious values which they had before freezing. There is no need of using preservatives or any additional substances. The fruit you get is 100% natural, nothing more is added.

What many people dislike when it comes to frozen food, is that you pay for ice that all packages contain. What’s even more shocking, many products put additional water into packages and than freeze it. They just sell you ice by the price of the food! Not only you pay more, but sometimes you may have a problem to prepare food from such a product – it contains too much water which is hard to get rid of before defrosting.

In case of IQF frozen apple cubes, you can be sure that no water is added before freezing.

Every piece is separated from another. When you defrost the product, you can be sure it will keep its shape and appearance that it used to have before freezing. It is especially important when it comes to baking o preparing desserts. In fact, you are not able to cut fruits into such even pieces as a machine can, so while using IQF frozen fruits your task is much easier!

You can also use them without defrosting, for instance for drinks or ice cream desserts. IQF frozen fruits look aesthetic!


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