I use IQF frozen apple cubes.

I have heard a lot about frozen food. That it has no value, that it looks not appetizing, that is anymore tasty… And I decided to do my own research. And what have I found? IQF frozen apple cubes. But let’s start from the beginning.

My mom used to freeze food which we were not able to eat before it gets not useful. But she wasn’t buying more food than we need just to freeze it. She used to claim that frozen food has no value, it just keeps the taste, but nothing healthy.

Well, and she was right.

In general, freezing in a traditional way makes the water inside of the product to create big ice crystals that usually damage the structure of food, fiber tissues, and cells.

Now, I am living on my own. I am cooking for myself and lately, I decided to start a diet. I became a vegetarian. And I feel really good with that, and I would like to continue it, but in my country, the winter is starting. Most of fruits and vegetables are imported from different countries. If not, they are grown under not healthy conditions – with use of chemical substances and artificial lighting. Such food can make more harm than good to your organism!

However, not so long ago I have read that it is good to use frozen food during that period of time. I dig into that subject and here is what I found:

IQF method

It is a shortcut for Individually Quick Frozen. Basically, food is flashed with a low temperature during a short period of time. Water freezes creating tiny crystals inside of product which are not able to destroy the structure nor cells of product. Perfect solution!

IQF frozen apple cubes are apples cut into small pieces and frozen with use of IQF method. They are tasty, they look good. I am sure they contain no chemical substances. Storage and transportation are easier in case of such a product. And what is even better – I receive all pieces loose in the package. I don’t pay for the ice. I pay for fruit! Also, I don’t need to defrost everything in order to use only a little. Every cube is separated from one another. Cool, isn’t it?

I highly recommend reading more about this method, it is just astonishing! And the history of inventing it – it is just unbelievable!

People! Start using IQF products!

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