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A reliable IQF fruits producer offers his clients a variety of products to choose from. IQF apple cubes segments slices… You should get what you want!


IQF apple cubes segments slices…


There are few factors you need to remember about while ordering IQF food. First of all, IQF products do not stick to each other. They are loose in the package so you don’t have to defrost an entire one. This is crucial in a case of big companies that order products in big packages which are much more affordable than small ones. However, if pieces stick to each other, they were not frozen with the use of actual IQF method or your IQF fruits producer tries to fool you by adding some water to the package which naturally makes the package weigh more and at the same time – cost more.


Second of all, frozen food should keep its natural and typical smell. If it gained any other, strange smell, it can only mean that it was stored unproperly. For example, with another type of food – such as meat, fish or seafood. Yuck!


IQF apple cubes segments remain apple cubes and segments after defrosting. IQF method does not influence much the structure of the product that is frozen. Logically, it should not be damaged in ay way.


The quality of the fruits before freezing is very important too. Fruits should be frozen while being totally ripen and still fresh. Otherwise, after defrosting you will get sour fruits or fruits with no shape. A reliable IQF fruits producer offers a variety of types of fruits. There is not only one variety of apples on this planet, so demand what you need.

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