No concentrates – NFC juice producer

Naturally cloudy juices, not from concentrate! The world went mad about them! Supply your cafe with them by choosing a reliable NFC juice producer.

What can an NFC juice producer offer you?


Quality first! Familiarize yourself with an offer of natural NFC juices. NFC juice producer cooperates with manufacturers in countries where fruits are easy to get. Hence, fruits are fresh, yummy and full of vitamins! The quality of raw products is essential in this industry.


Each producer should keep an individual approach to each customer. ¬†Juices can be manufactured under the brand of the producer or –¬†what is awesome – with the private label of the customer.


Besides, the producer should have valid certificates for the production of juices and certificates that allow producing BIO juice.

Also, all of the juices flow with the use of the technology of cold pressing. After this kind of squeezing, the juice is lightly pasteurized. Why? To give it a longer life. During the production process, no sugar, water, colorings or artificial vitamins added. Therefore, a reliable NFC juice producer values the true nutrition that juice has and of course respects his clients by not fooling them with the true ingredients contained in the product.


The Bag-in-box type of packaging is the most popular to easily store and transport the product. With such a packaging, this product has a minimum of 10-month shelf life provided. Juices are also available in smaller bottles that are convenient to sell in restaurants and small shops. This product is for every human. It’s very beneficial for children, elderly people and those active physically. It contains no more sugar than the fruits naturally contain. No chemicals are added and what is the best – you can get it even if in your country fruits are not currently available. What a vitamin bomb!

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